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Finding A Fulfilling Dream With Nancy Binger of NBKidz

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"Doing good is bringing a little bit of something positive to somebody else or to your world, every single day."

- Nancy Binger, NBKidz



Welcome back to goodMRKT Live!

For this episode of goodMRKT Live, Harry Cunningham and I speak with Nancy Binger. The multi-hyphenate creator of the Most Wanted Series of Children’s Books. Most Wanted is an incredibly charming book series aimed at entertaining and educating children about the lives of their beloved furry friends.

During our conversation, Nancy details the path that got her from the pinnacle of the retail world to a producer of her own children’s book series, she talks about the importance of creativity in a child’s life, and explains why it’s never too late to make your dreams come true. 

We’re so happy to have you join us on this episode of goodMRKT Live! As we showcase another amazing story from our community of creators dedicating to doing good.




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Dedicated to Doing Good
To instill the benefits of creativity during childhood development, NB Kidz is using its platform from the Most Wanted series to foster youth education and lead writing and publishing workshops hosted by author and illustrator, Nancy Binger.