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7 GOOD Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Posted by Adam Lambert on

One of the best ways to help bring about positive change in your life is to boost your confidence. Believing in yourself and having confidence in what you are doing helps bring out the best version of ourselves in our work and personal life. For some of us, a high level of confidence is built-in right from the get-go. For others, it's a skill just like writing, cooking, and communicating, that we need to work on and practice at to make sure we are our most confident. Below we've highlighted some of the best tips that have helped us boost our confidence and create more good. 






This is the first one because it is by far the most important. If you want to boost your confidence, you have to take an honest assessment of your life and find who you are inside and out. How do you handle stressful situations? How do move on from failure? How do you like to spend your time? What's your love language?

When you know who you are and what your values you, you can focus your attention on the things you can change (and how you can do it) rather than passively contemplating whether or not you're the right person to bring about that change. Whether it's through journaling or something else, take time to get to know yourself and you'll be amazed at the confidence that brings to your life.





A great way to help you discover who you are is by paying attention to your self-talk. Is it compassionate or is it critical? Does your self-talk help you feel better or does it make you feel worse? If you discover that it's negative, identifying and substituting negative self-talk with something positive helps you feel more confident. It also helps reduce the pressure because you know you will always have yourself to help pick you up when you're down.

Pay particular attention to the stories you're telling about yourself. Is it a story of a person who can never do anything right or is it a story of a person who can do anything they set their mind to? The way we think becomes the way we act, so when we think of ourselves as more confident, we begin to act that way as well.





Taking good care of yourself is a surefire way to boost your confidence. And not just eating healthier and exercising more often! We mean all of it. Good sleep, positive self-image, clean living space, everything.

It may seem overwhelming having to think about it in its entirety. Some days it is. But we'll share our simple rule that we've been using to help guide us in our self-care journey: treat yourself like someone you love. It's easy to not do this with everything else going on around us, but doing things, saying things, caring for ourselves as someone we love makes us feel loved and, in turn, gives us more confidence in the things we have to do.





This one is easy. Take a shower and put on something clean. It is amazing how confident you feel just by stepping into the day feeling clean. 





A support system that is built around encouragement and compassion will instill in you a level of confidence in a way few other things can. When you surround yourself with positive people, you have a built-in safety net that allows you to take on challenges that you might not want to face alone.

Knowing that you have a group of people in your corner that you can trust to support you no matter what gives you an incredibly powerful boost to your belief in yourself. If you're not feeling your best, make a phone call or catch up with a friend. It will do wonders for your confidence.





Sometimes big changes simply come from small acts done over and over. It's the same way with building up confidence. Small changes here and there add up to monumental shifts down the road. Set a small goal for yourself, then achieve it, and let that goodwill snowball into greater feelings of confidence. Learn to say 'no' more often. In the moments we feel pulled in every direction, saying "no" gives us the ability to take back control of our life and gives us the confidence to keep taking control.

Another small act that helps us feel more confident is to "take your place." What do we mean by that? Taking your place means not apologizing for where you are what you're doing. No more starting sentences with, 'Sorry, I just...' and no more talking fast to get out of someone else way. Speak slow and speak deliberately! Taking your place creates positive actions in your life that will give you the confidence to keep going.





This one is so obvious that we're that it feels funny even having to say it, but doing things you enjoy is a great way to build your confidence. When you're doing things that make you happy, it makes you a happier, more positive person. Bringing that positivity into other parts of your life where you are feeling less confident can help shift your mindset about a situation and swing your focus towards solutions rather than problems.

Spend more time doing things you enjoy and you become more positive. The more positive you become, the more positivity and confidence you can bring to the rest of your life. To boost your confidence, find your favorite "me-time" activities and get going!






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