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5 MORE Brands Dedicated To Doing Good

Posted by Adam Lambert on

To coincide with our spring campaign of "grow more good," today we're showcasing another five brands committed to goodMRKT's belief in being dedicated to doing good. At goodMRKT, we believe that doing good means something special to each person. It's an individual contribution that we are each able to make in our own unique way. Each of these brands, whether they're helping build up a community of indigenous artists, empowering populations of women around the world, or helping eradicate childhood hunger, are run by good people making great products and are dedicated to exceptional causes. Here are five (more) brands dedicated to doing good!





As an ethical fashion brand, ABLE uses ethical manufacturing and sustainable employment opportunities to elevate quality of life for women and children around the world.

Even though women make up a majority of the workers in the textile industry around the world, they are often the most overlooked part of the production process. Historically, women have been underpaid and undervalued concerning their immense contribution to creating the products that clothe the world. ABLE is changing that. Using the power of fashion, ABLE is creating social change around the world that impacts not only the way women are compensated but also shifts the cultural perspective to one that values a woman's incredible worth.



Abera Convertible Backpack - Cognac
Abera Convertible Backpack - Black/Cognac
Abera Crossbody Tote - Black

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Dedicated to Doing Good
By training, educating, and investing in the women they work with, ABLE is helping women break the cycle of poverty and create measurable impacts on communities across the planet.





Bella Tunno is a women-owned, mission-driven company using sustainable materials to create adorable baby products designed to make the parenting life easier.

When it comes to finding a little mood boost pick-me-up, there are few things better than watching babies do just about anything (please watch "Babies eating lemons for the first time" on TikTok for the ultimate day-brightener). The truth is, though, that despite the vast amount of videos of cute babies eating and drinking different food products, there is a staggering portion of children whose relationship with hunger is a daily struggle. That's where Bella Tunno comes in. To help in the fight against childhood hunger, Bella Tunno donates one meal to a child in need for every product they sell. In an incredible display of their effectiveness, to date, Bella Tunno has donated over seven million meals to children around the world.  




Darling Wonder Bib
Pink sippy cup for baby or toddler
Feast Mode Wonder Plate

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Dedicated to Doing Good
With their Buy One, Feed One program, Bella Tunno donates one meal to a child in need for every product sold. Through their partnerships with Feeding America and the Global FoodBanking Network, Bella Tunno has donated over 6.2 million meals to children in need.





Musee uses ethically sourced natural ingredients to make handcrafted, organic bath products that support their mission of providing dignified work to vulnerable people in their community.

work, founder Leisha Pickering knew she had overlooked an undeniable opportunity for her to help support her local community. Since then, Musee has made it its mission to help the vulnerable and underserved members of their community by providing them with dedicated, dignified work. Working primarily with people who have disabilities and women in recovery, Musee has created sustainable economic opportunities for people in their community and helped uplift their quality of life. 



Beautiful Day Bath Balm
Dreamweaver Bath Soak
Women of Change Maya Angelou Bath Balm

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Dedicated to Doing Good
Dedicated to the development of their local community, Musee’s workforce is made up of women in recovery, people with disabilities, and others who have lived in chronic poverty, creating economic opportunities and stability for people around them.





Inspired by the natural beauty of Bali’s people and landscapes, Village Thrive employs local artisans to create small batch, eco-friendly home decor that effortlessly combines traditional craft with modern design.

When they returned from a trip to the Indonesian island of Bali, the founders of Village Thrive knew they were bringing back more than just memories of a vivid vacation. The island's indigenous craftsmen and artisans inspired the founders with a sense of place and wonder unlike any other. Since then, Village Thrive has been committed to showcasing the brilliant work of the Indonesian artisans by creating sustained and sustainable economic opportunities for the island's craftspeople. Each product from Village Thrive is handcrafted in Bali by local artists and produced through sustainable processes that keep the Balinese villages thriving. 




Beaded Baby Mobile

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Dedicated to Doing Good
Village Thrive creates handcrafted pieces using sustainable materials and practices that enable economic stability for local artisans. To further aid local communities, Village Thrive partnered with The John Fawcett Foundation to fund vision care for people throughout Indonesia.





The Scribes stitches together high-quality materials and mission-driven ideals to produce minimalist journals that promote the power of the page.

An essential part of a student's learning process is access to resources that allow them to embrace their creativity. Children build lasting impressions that they can carry with them throughout their adult life when they are free to let their creativity flourish. Sadly, access to even the simplest tools for learning development is a struggle for many students. The Scribes is on a mission to change that. Every product purchased helps support a team of people dedicated to enabling a child's creativity. Since their founding, The Scribes has donated over 10,000 journals to students in desperate need of writing materials around the world.  




Softcover Scribe
The Quill
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Hardcover Scribe

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Dedicated to Doing Good
Through their Scribes for Students initiative, The Scribes works directly with teachers and nonprofits to donate a journal for every journal they sell. Since 2019, The Scribes has donated over 10,000 notebooks to children in desperate need of writing materials.