Sexual Health & Pregnancy

CDC National Health Information Hotline

(800) 232-4636

Call the CDC Information Hotline for science-based information about your health concerns. The CDC Information Hotline answers thousands of calls a year on topics including HIV, AIDS, STDs, Ebola, the flu, and COVID-19.


(800) 448-0440

Contact the AIDSinfo hotline for support and science-based information on treating and living with HIV and AIDS.

American Sexual Health Association

(919) 361-8400

Contact the American Sexual Health Association for information and education on sexually transmitted infections and how to prevent them, as well as for referrals to clinical services.

Baby Safe Haven

(888) 510-2229

If you're pregnant and do not feel you can care for your baby, or if you have a baby you cannot care for, call the Baby Safe Haven hotline for support and for information on how you can safely and legally give up an unwanted infant.

Planned Parenthood National Hotline

(800) 230-7526

Contact Planned Parenthood for information on how you can access reproductive health care, sexual health services, and other essential healthcare at one of their health centers.

Postpartum Support International (PSI)

(800) 944-4773

Contact the PSI Helpline for support and information about postpartum depression and other postpartum conditions. You are not alone and you are not to blame—you will get better.