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Quality Change Through Craft-Roasted Coffee with Brendon Maxwell of Utopian Coffee

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"At a human level, doing good means making people's lives better."

- Brendon Maxwell, Utopian Coffee



Welcome back to goodMRKT Live!

On this episode of goodMRKT, Harry Cunningham and Adam Taft Lambert are talking with Brendon Maxwell, the infinitely passionate and exceeding adventurous owner of Utopian Coffee. With individually sourced, craft-roasted coffee, Brendon and the team at Utopian are traveling the world to transform the way coffee gets from farmer’s lands to the cups in our hands. 

During our conversation, Brendon reflects on how experiencing indigenous cultures early in his life influenced Utopian’s founding, he details the incredible risks local farmers take on trying to free themselves from drug production for local gangs, and emphasizes the Utopian belief that a great cup of coffee truly can change the world.

We’re so happy to have you join us on this episode of goodMRKT Live! As we showcase another amazing story from our community of creators dedicating to doing good.




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Dedicated to Doing Good
By collaborating directly with coffee partners around the world, Utopian Coffee Co. creates sustainable development processes and economic opportunities across the planet that produce products that both taste and do better.