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Providing Protection through Plant Medicine with Stacey Wood and David Soule of Whole Harmony

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"When you walking into a room and there's just nothing but acceptance you can vibrate with who you're really supposed to be."

- Stacey Wood, Whole Harmony



Welcome back to goodMRKT Live!

On this episode of goodMRKT, Harry Cunningham and Adam Taft Lambert are speaking with Stacey Wood and David Soule, the infectiously passionate herbalists behind the health & Wellness company, Whole Harmony.  Whole Harmony use the intrinsic properties of plants and flowers to produce a wellspring of healing tonics, teas, and elixirs.   

During our conversation, Stacey and David detail the influence from Eastern healing practices on Whole Harmony’s origins, their dedication to the therapeutic properties of Plant Medicine, and how whole products create whole harmony within yourself and the world around you.  

We’re so happy to have you join us on this episode of goodMRKT Live! As we showcase another amazing story from our community of creators dedicating to doing good.




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Dedicated to Doing Good
Whole Harmony partnered with the Haddam Land Trust to advocate for the preservation of natural resources in their local community, as well as foster sustainable harvesting practices by producing organic, ethically sourced ingredients on their own farm.