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Following A For-Purpose Path with Ben Higgins of Generous Coffee

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"When they had jobs for women created, and they knew it was their idea, the empowerment behind that, the ownership in that was above and beyond."

- Ben Higgins, Generous Coffee



Welcome back to goodMRKT Live!

This week Harry and Adam are talking with Ben Higgins from the Generous company. Ben and the the Team and Generous are using crafted-roasted coffee to create change in local communities around the world. By donating 100% of their profits to Humanity and Hope United, and other organizations, Generous is helping empower people to overcome the challenges in their communities. 

During our conversation, Ben talks about the path that lead to running a for purpose company; Why building trust is the most important step when trying to create change in communities, and how we can all use generosity to make the world a better place 

We’re so happy to have you join us on this episode of goodMRKT Live! As we showcase another amazing story from our community of creators dedicating to doing good.




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Dedicated to Doing Good
Generous Coffee donates 100% of their profits to Humanity & Hope, and other nonprofit institutions, to ensure that people around the world are empowered to eliminate the challenges in their communities.