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4 Brands Empowering Women Around The World

Posted by Adam Lambert on

Few things have as direct a result on creating economic stability, developing communities, and increasing quality of life than the act of empowering women. Societies all across the planet have seen the benefits that come when the women in their communities are supported and uplifted. Here are four brands that help elevate and empower women around the world.  






As an ethical fashion brand, ABLE uses ethical manufacturing and sustainable employment opportunities to elevate quality of life for women and children around the world.

ABLE defines itself as an ethical fashion brand. It is a moniker it is living up to passionately. After discovering the immediate and horrific realities of the commercial sex industry when moving to Ethiopia, ABLE founders knew that creating lasting change would take more than charity dollars.

When asked what would most benefit the women and children attempting to leave the commercial sex trade, the one requirement was an opportunity at stable employment. Without work, they knew they would be forced back into the world they were desperate to escape. And what started with a few women making scarves has expanded into life-saving alternatives that are helping women break the cycle of poverty and empowering women to thrive.


The Merly Jacket
Nelita Backpack - Slate

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Dedicated to Doing Good
By training, educating, and investing in the women they work with, ABLE is helping women break the cycle of poverty and create measurable impacts on communities across the planet.





Musee uses ethically sourced natural ingredients to make handcrafted, organic bath products that support their mission of providing dignified work to vulnerable people in their community.

Musee was founded, in part, as a reflection of the economic circumstances present in Madison County, Mississippi. With rampant inequality and staggering unemployment, many in Madison County’s local community are either born into, or are quickly surrounded by, difficult circumstances.

With a mission of helping restore the lives broken by those difficult circumstances, Musee hires a workforce of women in recovery and women who have lived in chronic poverty. Providing them with dignified work and stable economic opportunities, they have been otherwise unable to find.


This Little Light of Mine Bath Balm
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Women of Change Ruth Bader Ginsburg Bath Balm
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Dedicated to Doing Good
Dedicated to the development of their local community, Musee’s workforce is made up of women in recovery, people with disabilities, and others who have lived in chronic poverty, creating economic opportunities and stability for people around them.  





Anchal uses eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices to create hand-stitched, one-of-a-kind textiles that seamlessly stitch together the traditions of handmade craft with the creativity of contemporary design.

Anchal's mission when starting out was to challenge the textile industry's horrifically exploitative manufacturing practices while providing work for women who were forced into the commercial sex trade. Nearly 85% of the artisans handcrafting textiles for Anchal were plummeted into the commercial sex trade due to a lack of alternative options.

Today, using design and collaboration Anchal offers those women the opportunity to create one-of-a-kind, hand-stitched textiles using up-cycled cotton saris. Through the creation of sustainable products, holistic programs, and global market access, Anchal is using textiles to empower women to break the cycle of poverty and transform the trajectory of their life.



Eclipse Colorblock Scarf
Cross-Stitch Throw Pillow - Slate
Prism Table Runner
Eclipse Pouch Clutch - Spruce


Dedicated to Doing Good
Anchal is using the power of design thinking to create education courses and employment opportunities for women who were forced into the commercial sex trade, empowering them to transform their trajectory and enhance their quality of life.






New Hope Girls creates gorgeous, inspirational handbags and accessories, sewn by local mothers in the Dominican Republic, that help fund their mission of empowering women through rescue, refuge, and restoration.

New Hope Girls was founded to protect the vulnerable women and children in the barrios of the Dominican Republic. After watching child after child succumb to the abuse, neglect, and exploitation of poverty-stricken barrios, New Hope Girls founded a safe house to provide refuge and protect the vulnerable populations throughout the community.

Now, new Hope Girls has also developed a self-sustaining workshop, employed by local women, to manufacture their gorgeous, inspirational handbags and accessories and provide stable employment to women in the Dominican Republic. Profits from every New Hope Girls purchase are used to fund both the workshop and the New Hope Girls safehouse, both of which offer rescue, refuge, and rehabilitation to the vulnerable women and children of the Dominican Republic.




Dedicated to Doing Good
As a non-profit, 100% of the net proceeds from sales are used to both fund the New Hope Girls safe house and create employment opportunities for women in the Dominican Republic, ​​creating economic stability for the women and their families.